Flags of War Update

Going forward, Flags of War will be changing how the business is handled. I started the business as something to do alongside the hobby I love but it has grown into something that takes up a lot of time and focus. With a full-time job, a family, and my hobby interests these are starting to be affected which then affects my ability to do the best I can for my customers.

All orders will be handled by a distributor and given their experience they will be able to handle the orders better and quicker than I ever could. I will still handle all the website and deal with customers so this will not affect anyone as a customer. It should improve your experience using Flags of War. It will also allow me more time to focus on new products as I’ll be able to write more briefs for sculptors, draw more flags and write more for our games.

Sadly in the short term we do have some downside in that I can’t offer the customisable flags available the website. Until an agreed process has been put in place with the new distributor I felt best to remove these options. I will be looking at alternatives for some of them but that will take time as there is a lot of work to be done to switch everything over. There are plans to close the website just now for the switchover, but this might in happen in a few weeks to get everything moved. The switch hasn’t taken place as yet and will continue to do the orders until it has. I will keep you all updated with the move and hopefully you will not see much impact other than the availability of some flags.

Thank you.



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We also have a range of miniatures that covers the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion and our Street Wars NYC Game that lets you control gangs in 1970's New York.