FOW-BW08 Border Wars - Rule book & PDF

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To sound the of pounding hoofs, under the cover of darkness, the Reivers are on their way. Hide your family and livestock, grab your sword, and call out your kin. Make your stand in the Borders!!!

Welcome to Border Wars: Under a Reiver Moon a fantastic new set of rules and miniatures created by Flags of War. We hope to raise the funds to release the miniatures and have the rules printed. Having you on board will help us achieve this and you will get to play a wonderful game.

The game will immerse you in the Border Raiding of the 16th Century, where you will fight it out with other Border Clans in this fun skirmish game.


Printed A4 Book contains 91 pages with a beautiful Peter Dennis artwork cover. Also comes supplied with 30 Special Ability Cards, 10 Event Cards, and 12 Heroic Action Cards. Includes PDF version of the book and cards.