FOW-BW02 Border Wars - MDF Tokens

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We have teamed up with the nice folk of Sarissa Precision to create Border Wars gaming token for tracking the statuses of your characters on the table. The tokens will help players to show what characters have activated on the table, along with their wounds and the various objectives.

  • 10 x Activated – used to show that the character has activated this turn.
  • 8 x Wound – to show the character has taken a wound in battle.
  • 2 x Guard – token placed on the character to show that they are on Guard for any enemies.
  • 2 x Stunned – give to characters that have been stunned during a game.
  • 4 x Reload – shows that the character has fired a ranged weapon that requires an action to reload and remove this marker.
  • 2 x Weapon Jam – used to show that the character ranged weapon has jammed.
  • 4 x Objectives/Reiving  – used to show where each of the objectives is placed on the gaming table as per the scenarios.
  • 2 x Prisoner – used to show that the character has been taken prisoner and cannot activate in this status.
  • 6 x Command Point – Players take 1 Command Point Token at the start of each turn and discard them once they have issued a Command.