Hessian Kids Diorama for Gabriel & Simba

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On 17th June 2020, my friend Jonny, his wife Laura and their son Jude had to deal with some news that no family should ever have to deal with. Their beautiful little boy Gabriel was born but sadly they were not able to take him home to meet his big brother Jude. As a gamer I have always wanted to do a set that would raise money for a kids charity and doing this set in memory of little Gabriel is my way of doing something for the wee guy. 

Jonny & Laura were given a memory box that allows them to keep their treasures of Gabriel safe and now they wish to support other families in their situation by funding more of the boxes. Jonny and some of our friends are going to be walking the West Highland way in memory of Gabriel and raising money for Simba who supports families in their time of need and provides the memory boxes.

You can find out about their walk and you can donate to their JustGiving page by clicking here:  LINK HERE

Miniature Diorama

During the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, the British Government Hired some Hessian troops to come over and help them. The Hessians were stationed in the City of Perth and while they never took part in any pitched battles they clearly left an impression on the people at the time. The Penicuik sketches are an eyewitness account of 1745/46 Scotland and some of the sketches were of the Hessians as in Scotland. One of the sketches shows a number of kids who have dressed up as Hessian Grenadiers and pretend to be them marching through the streets. I was always fascinated by the picture, as when we play our games we rarely think of the civilians and what they will have seen during these times. This shows kids doing what kids do and playing regardless of what is actually going on around them. 

I have commissioned Nick Collier to sculpt a diorama that he has also kindly offered to cover all of the sculpting cost due to the nature of the set and we are truly thankful to him for that. Flags of War going to cover the of the moulds from griffin meaning that we will be able to give the charity much more. Our aim is to donate all the profit from the sales of this set to Simba on behalf of Jonny, Laura, Jude & Gabriel. 

The set has already been sculpted by Nick and will be going to Griffin for moulding in October. The aim is to have the miniatures cast and sent to all backers in December 2021. This is a one-off opportunity and after the campaign, this miniature diorama will not be available to purchase. 

Once the campaign is over you will be sent a credit to purchase your set via www.flagsofwar.com and the postage will be calculated for you. Please note postage will be charged after the sale. 

The set will include the Hessian Grenadier and the 3 Kids marching. We will also supply a small makeshift flag printed on paper and a 100mm brass pike for you to mount on the child standard-bearer. Not only will have a lovely diorama for your collection but you will also help to support a fantastic charity that helps so many families. Hessian

Thank you 

Iain, Lynn, Aimee, William & Wee Iain